Cryptocurrency exchange license

Cryptocurrency Exchange License entitles its holders to exchange cryptocurrencies. In addition to crypto exchanges, all other persons wishing to provide services in the sphere of payment services are interested in obtaining such a license.

Potential applicants for a license to conduct cryptocurrency exchange activities will be recognized by the companies providing money transfer services (Money Service Business, MSB). Today, digital currencies are subject to taxation, control and treatment identical to fiat funds.


Types of cryptocurrency exchange license

If the company is going to be an intermediary in cryptocurrency transactions for real money (crypto - fiat), it should receive the Money Transmitter License.
If the company is going to mediate cryptocurrency swaps for other cryptocurrencies (crypto-crypto), then you should obtain the MSB License and analyze the requirements of the legislation of each individual state.

Advantages of cryptocurrency exchange license.


If you decide to obtain a license to exchange cryptocurrencies after successful licensing your company will be able to mediate transactions involving the exchange of digital currencies for real money and exchange between two different types of cryptocurrencies. One of the main advantages that businessmen will get after licensing is the possibility of legalization in other countries. Thus, the company will be able to provide cryptocurrency services in any state of the world where such a crypto-license is recognized.


Successful licensing

Basic requirements:

  • carrying out complex analysis of risks related to the work of the company that registered the license;
  • introduction of written policies, procedures and controls to meet compliance requirements and requirements;
  • appointment of an authorized person for compliance;
  • information and training of personnel;
  • continuous monitoring of operations;
  • reporting on their activities, including suspicious transactions.

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